Business rates

There are still reliefs you may be able to claim that will reduce your business rates. The process depends on where you are based:

Business rates relief in England

You will need to apply for these reliefs at your local council:

  • small business rate relief
  • rural rate relief
  • charitable rate relief
  • enterprise zone relief
  • retail relief

Exempted buildings and empty buildings relief is automatically applied by your local council.

Some local councils give extra discounts. For example, you may be able to get hardship relief or transitional rate relief if your business meets certain criteria.

 Business rates relief in Scotland

Your local council will automatically apply some reliefs, but you might need to complete an application form for other reliefs. You have to apply for the following discounts:

  • Small Business Bonus Scheme
  • Fresh Start
  • New Start
  • Rural rate relief
  • Charitable rate relief
  • Disabled persons relief
  • Enterprise Area relief
  • Renewable energy generation relief

Some local councils provide an additional hardship relief if your business meets certain criteria. Contact your local council to find out more. You should also contact them if you're not getting any reliefs you think you're entitled to, if your circumstances change or the property changes hands.

Business rates in Wales

Some premises will be exempt from business rates, while others may qualify for:

  • the small business rates relief scheme
  • the charitable and non-profit organisations rates relief
  • relief on empty properties

Your council can also grant hardship relief to businesses if they believe that it is in the interests of the local community to do so.

Business rates in Northern Ireland

There are a number of reliefs available to business ratepayers in Northern Ireland. These schemes include:

  • Small Business Rate Relief
  • Empty Premises Relief
  • Small Business Rate Relief for small Post Offices
  • Charitable Exemption
  • Sport and Recreation Rate Relief
  • Residential Homes Rate Relief
  • Industrial Derating
  • Non-Domestic Vacant Rating
  • Hardship Relief
  • Automatic telling machines (ATMs) in rural areas

You can find out more about eligibility and how to claim by talking with your local council.

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