Electric charging of company vehicles at home base

HMRC has published revised guidance concerning the charging of company cars and vans at residential properties. HMRC had previously maintained that the reimbursement of costs in relation to charging a company car or van at a residential property was a taxable benefit. This advice seemed at odds with the exemption on payments and benefits provided […]

Management accounting provides benefits in difficult times

In the ever-changing economic landscape, business owners are constantly faced with challenges that can impact the financial health of their enterprises. During such trying times, management accounting proves to be an invaluable tool, providing crucial insights and strategic advantages that can make the difference between survival and success. Enhanced decision-making Management accounting allows business owners […]

Meeting the challenges of a high-interest environment

Navigating the challenges of a high-interest rate environment can be tough for businesses, but it's not impossible. While rising interest rates can pose hurdles to financing and operational costs, there are strategies companies can employ to secure the capital they need and maintain financial stability. Review existing debt Start by evaluating your current debt structure. […]

Registering for VAT? Time to go online

HM Revenue and Customs (HMRC) has revamped its VAT registration process, prioritising digital applications for businesses and agents. Starting from November 13, this change aims to streamline the registration procedure, making it quicker, easier and more secure. HMRC is urging businesses and agents to embrace the digital approach for VAT registration. Unless they fall under […]

Change of heart over new company reporting proposals

The Government has withdrawn draft regulations for company reporting after consultation with businesses raised concerns about imposing additional requirements. Instead, the Government will pursue options to reduce the burden of red tape to ensure the UK is one of the best places in the world to do business. Draft regulations published in July would have […]

Tougher measures to support small businesses in battle against late payments

Tougher measures to address late payments to small businesses have been announced by the Government. In 2022, SMEs were owed, on average, an estimated £22,000 in late payments. This can slow down growth with many companies spending disproportionate time chasing payments that can lead to cash flow problems. Small Business Minister Kevin Hollinrake said: “Small […]