Companies House fees expected to rise to fund new powers

Companies House is expected to charge higher fees when it is granted new powers. The Economic Crime and Corporate Transparency (ECCT) Bill is already making its way through Parliament. This legislation will change the role and purpose of Companies House to make it a more active gatekeeper over company creation. This would include new powers […]

Clampdown on hidden online fees to help shoppers cut costs

Rules on hidden online fees, known as drip pricing, will be tightened to boost transparency for stretched families. The Government is proposing a crackdown on extra charges such as booking or processing fees in products ranging from train tickets and concerts to food deliveries. It comes after research confirmed drip pricing – where the price […]

One in five strips back pension contributions or halts them altogether

One in five people have reduced their pension contributions or stopped saving for retirement altogether due to cost-of-living pressures. As household budgets continue to tighten, new research suggests 14 per cent of people have stopped paying into their pensions while eight per cent have cut their contributions. Men are more likely to have taken the […]